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We’ve made our home delivery subscription service very simple and you can CANCEL your subscription at anytime. If you have questions please contact us by sending an email to GLGexpress@greatlakesgrowers.com.

Step 1) Choose the Salad Trio Living Lettuce combination.

Step 2) We CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD on Sunday.  We then harvest and ship your complete order the following Tuesday (we only harvest Express orders on Tuesdays each week).

Step 3) Your order will ARRIVE the next day on Wednesday (we ship via UPS and delayed shipments rarely occur, but may happen).

Step 4) Two weeks later, we’ll ship you another package of the Salad Trio Living Lettuce and we will CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD again.

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Get Three (3) Lettuce

Varieties On A Single Root!

Salad Trio Living Lettuce

Delivery Every Two (2) Weeks

You’ll receive a delivery every two weeks until you choose to stop deliveries!


Eat salad every day? Then this is truly the perfect choice for you! Our Salad Trio lettuce actually contains three (3) types of lettuce on a single root! Red Frisee, Green Oak and our special Icicle Lettuce (a hybrid of iceberg & leaf lettuce). Simply cut off the root and you have a salad mix that is ready to eat! There is no easier (or faster) way to enjoy a salad than our Salad Trio Living Lettuce. 

***Combo Contains Eight (8) Heads Of Our Salad Trio Living Lettuce***


Tired of all the lettuce recalls? Frustrated you can no longer TRUST your food source? You shouldn't have to worry about the safety of food you put on your table! Because all our produce is grown hydroponically inside our state-of-the art greenhouse, we control EVERYTHING! We not only guarantee the freshness of your order, but we can guarantee that it is SAFE to eat because things like E. coli will NEVER be an issue simply because of the way we grow things...Learn About Why Our Produce Is Safe