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Does each delivery I receive contain everything that is pictured in the combination I chose?

Yes! For example, if you order our Rabbit’s Choice Combination, we will then send you this combination and each delivery will contain all eight (8) heads of lettuce shown in the product picture.

What happens after I place my order?

You will get an email confirmation from us telling you that we have received your order! The next email notification you receive will actually be from UPS with your shipping information. However, please note you will not receive the UPS email until the Tuesday your order is shipping out.

When is my produce harvested?

We harvest everything in your order the SAME DAY we ship it out to you. This means the produce that arrives at your door was harvested less than 24 hours before you received it (We are not responsible for delays in shipping caused by carrier)!

When should I expect my order to arrive

To ensure the freshness of your delivery, we maintain a strict harvest to shipping policy. We will ship all home delivery orders on Tuesday afternoon, meaning most will receive their shipment on Wednesday the next day via UPS. However, we cannot guarantee that ALL shipments will be delivered in 1-day due to carrier volume, weather, etc. Even if your package is delayed by one day, we still guarantee the freshness of it.

Is the lettuce safe to eat? 

With all the lettuce recalls due to E. coli that have occurred, we understand your concern. However, because our lettuces are hydroponically grown (no soil), there is no risk of E.coli. Because of the state-of-the-art computer systems we use to monitor everything within our greenhouse, the water is tested and monitored 24-hours a day to ensure no bacteria is present. In addition, Every one who is involved in the harvesting and packaging of our produce is required to wear gloves and hairnets. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

What if the produce arrives in poor condition and I am unhappy with the state it is in?

The short answer is this: take a picture of the produce the day it arrives and email it to so we can identify the problem (packing error, mishandling during delivery, etc). Once we have received the picture and we can confirm that the issue is our responsibility or the responsibility of the carrier, we will immediately send you another delivery to replace the one you have.

How do I care for the lettuce and leafy greens?

Since the roots are still attached, there are a few ways you can care for the lettuce. Our preferred method is take the lettuce while still in the zip lock bag and put it right in your refrigerator. Another option is to remove the plant from the bag, add a touch of water to a large bowl or platter, place the plants in the container so that the roots are wet (do not submerge the roots) and putting it in your refrigerator. However, you can also follow the same procedure and leave it out on the kitchen counter (see picture). Obviously, removing the root, cutting up the lettuce and storing it in your refrigerator is another popular option, however this will shorten the shelf life.

How do I store the fresh cut herbs?

We highly recommend that you store the fresh cut herbs in your refrigerator to maximize the shelf life. When offered, our fresh cut basil is the ONLY exception…we recommend you store this at room temperature to maximize shelf life. 

What are your Terms & Conditions?

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